Denys Kiryukhin and Svitlana Shcherbak

An international online seminar Challenges to Democracy in a Time of Great Changes was held on May 31, 2021. This seminar was organized by the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (Washington, DC, USA) and the Sociology Department, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (Kyiv, Ukraine). The participants discussed the problems faced by both full democracies and transitional regimes in the modern world. Denys Kiryukhin and Svitlana Shcherbak were the moderators of the discussion.

Today we present to your attention a video of the first part of this seminar which was dedicated to the problems of the crisis of democracy in the modern world. The participants were paid much attention to the problem of democracy in India and South Korea against the background of challenges from nationalism and populism.

Participants of the discussion:

Anatol Lieven (Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service Georgetown University Qatar, Doha, Qatar) Why Democracies Fail: The Contingent Nature of Political Systems

Pavlo Kutuyev (Department of Sociology National Technical University of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine) Democracy and State Capacity: How to Build Developmental State in a Democratic Environment

Sanjeev Kumar H.M. (Department of Political Science University of Delhi, Delhi, India) The Shrinking Democratic Space in the age of Authoritarian Populism: The Islamophobic Discourse of Hindu Nationalism and the making of the Illiberal Public Culture in India

Andrew Yeo (Department of Politics Catholic University of America, Washington DC, USA) Nationalist Polarization and Weak Institutional Norms: Democratic Ceilings in South Korea

The video of the seminar can be seen HERE