Yakov Rabkin and Mikhail Minakov

Two years ago a collective work titled “DEMODERNIZATION. A Future in the Past” (Yakov Rabkin, Mikhail Minakov, eds., Stuttgart, ibidem Verlag) was published in English. Few weeks ago, this book was published in the Italian translation

Just a citation from the book:

This book attempts to distinguish between short-term degradation, common during wars that ravaged entire countries throughout history, and the enduring—rather than ephemeral—consequences of demodernization. It also tries to conceptualize various historical trends through the lens of the phenomenon of demodernization. Like most concepts in the social sciences and the humanities, it is neither precise nor exhaustive, but offers a novel perspective on diverse processes that share certain features.“, Yakov Rabkin.

You can see the book discussion in English by clicking this link.

Picture: Zdzislaw Beksinski (2011; source).